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Erica Fraaije / copyright Elegast Media

TETRALIX Studio is  a company of Erica Fraaije-van der Stelt



    "Hi, I am residing in the western part of the Netherlands.


Below, you can delve into my life and explore my art. Stay tuned as the webshop will soon go live, along with a curated selection of my work in the gallery.


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Happy to pick up
the creative thread

      I was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 1959, as the last of four children. My parents were creative as educated hobbyists and could both draw and paint well. My mother was keen to allow us to experiment with lots of materials and often helped financially, whatever plan or technique we came up with. Educated in biology, my parents taught us about the wonder of life and to respect every big or tiny part of it. They wanted us to get an interesting, meaningful, and not to forget adventurous life.


      So there I went! As a girl 19 years old, on my bike over the Rocky Mountains in Montana. It was a life-changing journey. When I came back home I started at the University of Amsterdam, to study Physical Geography. But with the freedom I felt, I did not fit in the college classroom anymore, I almost immediately dropped out and escaped the scene of Amsterdam. For several years I could not decide what to do with my life.


     I visited the art school                           in The Haguewhere I found famous artists as teachers. I learned to draw, also set steps into pottery and glazing, of which I loved the colors and the textures. Also, I did some seal printing on textiles. I was admitted to the Design Academy in Eindhoven           , which was a privilege, but after a year there, I had to admit I had no entrepreneurial ambitions. After a year spent in private nursing, I went back to university, this time in Wageningen                     , an agricultural-focused university. I loved sociology, philosophy and psychology, which I had missed in my education at home. I chose to study Human Ecology and finished with the title Ingenieur in Home Economics, Ecologie van het wonen.

      I married in 1989 my husband Hans Fraaije. We met at the

                                  where I took singing lessons. Hans could play the piano well and became my pianist. He went to Paris for a year at                                                         and I joined him halfway. A year after we came back to the Netherlands. We were grateful Hans got a job at AKZO and we could hire an appartment in one of the highest buildings in Arnhem-South on the fifth floor. I wrote for a magazine called Facility Management, Consumentenbond and did journal jobs for the local paper.                .

     We had three wonderful children. In 1996  I went back to art, to  Academy                      in Groningen this time, which was within reach from Zuidhorn where we lived by then. I enjoyed the lessons, but we moved from the North to the West of the Netherlands. In our new environment, we invested in a beautiful insulated studio in the garage. I started to teach, a children's class with a free program. I wanted to give the children that freedom I had had at home. After 1,5 years it was hard to admit that I had burned out. I closed the doors and I meditated and exercised in yoga. Slowly I recovered. I recovered so well that I felt strong enough to accept the job my husband offered, and decided to postpone my art ambition.

     I joined                           in 2009 as an administrator. Culgi was a small software company, proudly selling homemade software for chemical research. With my husband, I traveled worldwide and visited clients. I stayed with the company for over ten years until it was sold to                                        successfully in 2021.  Looking back I feel so grateful for all these experiences, and opportunities to grow. It made me humble in my ambitions. Being quite happy to pick up the creative thread again, I want to share my work and insights as an artist with all who are interested.

    From now on it is not just the challenge of making art but I will also focus on getting my art out of the studio. It would make me happy to see it in a place where it is welcomed by someone who appreciates it. 

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