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print by Albelli 30cmx40 cm. Aluminum is stunning for wall decorations with color photos. The print is 3 mm thick and consists of 3 fixed layers: the outer two are made of aluminum and the middle layer is made of hard plastic. This ensures its strength and durability. The aluminum wall decoration comes with a wall mounting system so you can hang them up directly. Please contact me if you need another size.

fine art print aluminium

SKU: 366615376135191
€ 89,00Price
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  • The image is a harmonious blend of clarity and texture, seamlessly combining Defined Pixels and Deliberate Grain. Utilizing both modern photography techniques and AI, the artist intricately captures her vision of a harmonious fusion between humanity and industrial technology. The piece showcases a soft, bright color palette, evoking a sense of warmth and modernity, while also representing a bold exploration into the realm of High-Definition artistry.

Tetralix studio is a company by Erica Fraaije

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