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feeling content when birds listen as I speak to them

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

This is my initial blog to introduce the first edition of some of my printed artwork. This one is specifically themed around birds since we are in spring and they have a significant part in the season. I have an immense appreciation for birds; when they're singing up in the trees, I always try to find them and sometimes I even try talking or singing back! It makes me so content when they pause and listen to me, creating my personal connection with nature. It is just a moment and they will soon resume their song as they have no time to spare.

The piece I'm introducing today is an oil painting of a stork's nest from 2020, painted onto an umbrella's screen - you still see the stitched lines coming together typically in the middle where the stick once should fit through. I wanted to emulate the geometric shape of the umbrella with this big stork's nest. The painting was inspired by a postcard that was found in an old box filled with memories from our first-holiday destination abroad in Austria. I must have been five years old. The area around Salzburg had quite a few storks and they were used as tourist attractions; whereas in the Netherlands, these birds were nearly extinct. I'm fond of this painting, the spontaneous swipes for the long feathered birds, and the bright colors that contrast against the huge textured brown nest.


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