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Low Battery Timeout

"I sometimes spend the entire day walking around with my headphones on, without turning on the music. I have enough on my mind. The outside world then thinks they can't say anything to me, but I hear everything! It's a kind of hiding yourself. You're just not there. Twenty years ago, I needed that. I even used to hide in the attic, for example, and then I would hear them saying: 'Do you know where mom is?' No, they couldn't find me. I was in a secret place under the roof tiles of the shed. You had to climb through a hole in the attic of the garage to get there, and you could put the hatchback, so it was a perfect hiding spot. They never suspected I was hiding. Maybe I only did it twice, but it made a big impression. I thought, 'What's wrong with me that I want to hide?' But the answer is clear to me now, if I had just had a mute button, then I wouldn't have come up with the idea at all!"

Left: Futuristic painting depicting the necessity of recharging and tranquility in today's society. Concept evolved through collage and assembly, utilizing recycled materials. Right: Abstract rhythm.
"Low Battery Timeout" - Oil painting on wood panel, alongside a small abstract piece, both crafted by Erica Fraaije in 2024.


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