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Rain revelation

Updated: Mar 7

I recently took a stroll in the rain, feeling like I had the street all to myself. A sneaky droplet landed on my forehead, making me briefly consider seeking shelter. But then came the glorious feeling of liberation. It’s like a crash course in mindfulness – just feeling it all. No need to document it; let it pass. That realization was like breaking free from raindrop captivity! Most of my experiences end up in my paintings or writings, but this one? It doesn't need to go anywhere. That, my friends, was a rain revelation. I’m curious by nature, so next time, I’ll pay even closer attention to a top-tier nature experience. Because we want as many of those as we can get in this life, right?

rainy Rome 2016, photo Tetralix studio
Rainy evening in Rome in Dec 2016, photo Erica Fraaije


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